How does it work?

A laser directs light energy very briefly over the treatment site (nanoseconds), passing harmlessly through the skin to break down the pigment. As parts of it break down your body naturally removes and absorbs the pigment gradually fading it away over time.

Can multi-coloured tattoos be removed?

Yes, we have on site several Laser systems with 3 different wavelengths, so our success rate is very high.

How many treatments will it take?

Depending on a lot of variables, we are proud to say our average for a professional tattoo with black ink that was done under 10 years old are being fully removed after having 6-8 treatments.

How often can I get a treatment?
6-8 weeks between each treatment, this allows your body time to break everything down and achieve the maximum effect from your treatment. 

Do I have to avoid anything afterwards?

The skin will be a little sensitive for a short time afterwards so you need to avoid the treatment site being rubbed or scratched, keeping the treatment site covered from sunlight will help and avoid activities like swimming and intense exercise for the first 24 hours post treatment.

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